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Any donations for the garden very gratefully received.

Baby plants:
Squash, courgette, cucumber, beans, cabbage, broccoli.
Sadly we had poor germination or the slugs moved in.

Fruit – raspberry, currant, strawberries – can never have too many 🙂
Space for a couple of fruit trees too…!

Know anyone who wants to get rid of horse/cow manure and wouldn’t mind dropping of some bags off would be amazing. Really need to get some goodness into this soil.

Compost –
Seed, grow bags or multipurpose will all go into sowing, growing or feeding this little garden.

Thank you thank you xxx


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It has been a long, long time since I have posted. Good Mud has been resting though ticking along helping at the Food Bank garden on Berry’s Avenue.

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Sue, Pat and all the volunteers there are working so hard. Please take a look. Any fresh food is also welcomed. Thanks.
If you have any spare time to help in the garden growing veg then let me know. Xx

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Massive GET WELL SOON to Paul!! Missing you already. For those that don’t know Paul, he’s a star and part of the furniture round here now. Massive heart and full of smiles.
Anyone that does know him I’m sure he’d love to hear from you whilst recovering in Exeter. Out in a couple of days. We love you Paul! Xxxx