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GOOD MUD WHITSUN on Wednesday 31st May
0-5s but all ages welcome. 10am-2pm.
£5 and £2 for siblings

Join us for a mixture of May, Spring and Summer…
Mayflower fun and giant sized flowers. Potion making in the mud kitchen and play area for the little ones.

Dress in green and bring some saved plastic bottle tops if you can.

Shared lunch: seasonal nibbles – bring something to share.

Parking in the layby and walk in unless otherwise arranged.
Bring appropriate clothing, sunscreen etc – fingers crossed the weather holds!

NB if you are pregnant – in the pasture, through which you will pass briefly to get to the Good Mud area, there are ewes and their lambs. It is unlikely you will have any direct contact with them other than any mess on the ground in the pasture. Hand washing will obviously be available! Call me if you have any concerns – Sally 07930 534809.