Update to July

Firstly news with a bigger than anticipated impact…. We are expecting a baby, due in November. Yey! Sally is still working, though pretty limited physically with this one and not sure where she put her brain!

The growing in our first polytunnel and the raised beds got off to a wonderfully early start thanks to James, who left us in April. David began work 3 days a week in May, his first job since university, and has been an invaluable extra pair of hands. From mid-June Paul and Sue joined us, again invaluable pairs of hands two days a week, with other people coming along ad hoc on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

So we are the ‘experts’ for the veg now which means we’re all learning together as we go! As always we encourage input and ideas from everyone!! Thanks to Kevin Johnson and Chinnie Kingsbury for the support and input to date.

We are now very much set up outside with no dig raised beds in the field and the fruit plot renovated. The compost we have used is particularly alkaline and so we have some issues with getting plants established. An organic feed and a little digging to incorporate the compost with soil over the winter should hopefully rectify this!

We have been supplying the Food Bank with fresh produce every week since early May and also selling our salad leaves and other veg when available. At the moment we are beginning starting to put together our cropping plans for not only the first polytunnel but also the second, soon to receive its plastic cover… Come on sunshine!
Since the end of June, Free Range Kids, a locally based group of home educating families, have joined us each Thursday morning for growing, arts and craft activities. With them, we’re gearing up to having a display and seed sowing workshops ready for the Bude and the Boscastle Food Festivals later in the season. We will also be running a food oriented craft workshop at Bude for Food.

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