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Essentially the Good Mud site for growing…. grow learn eat….

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Sarah is our new custodian of Good Mud land and will growing her own for us and her box scheme this year. Wholeheartedly recommend a box!!!

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Any donations for the garden very gratefully received.

Baby plants:
Squash, courgette, cucumber, beans, cabbage, broccoli.
Sadly we had poor germination or the slugs moved in.

Fruit – raspberry, currant, strawberries – can never have too many 🙂
Space for a couple of fruit trees too…!

Know anyone who wants to get rid of horse/cow manure and wouldn’t mind dropping of some bags off would be amazing. Really need to get some goodness into this soil.

Compost –
Seed, grow bags or multipurpose will all go into sowing, growing or feeding this little garden.

Thank you thank you xxx